I Will Tell International Film Festival


I Will Tell is an inspirational festival that runs in London for 11 nights from 30 August to 9 September each year


Our mission is to inspire, entertain and empower. The festival provides a platform for networking and showcasing the work of filmmakers, distributors, charities and other voluntary organisations, campaigners, activists and ordinary people who are passionate about being part of the change that is needed to make the world a better place while celebrating the wonderful art of film.


We love telling those stories that would otherwise remain untold or that are just not told often enough. We tell our stories because it's our way of leaving a legacy behind and because we want those who come after us to stand on our shoulders, rather than repeat our mistakes.


We tell our stories because we understand that in doing so we take part in a hidden universal language that says we shall overcome. We tell our stories because we know there is power in the voice.

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